Assess Yourselves!

The Democracy Reloading Partnership is introducing a new feature of the online Toolkit: the self-assessment tool.

By choosing this option are about to start assessing your or your own or your team’s 24 competences in relation to democratic youth participation in municipal decision-making. You can do the assessment alone, or in a team with your colleagues. If you it alone, we recommend that you find a quiet place and dedicate a minimum of 30 minutes to it. If you do it with your professional team of your colleagues, we recommend you to first make a list of those colleagues who you think should be involved in this activity. Invite them for about 60-90 minutes (depending on the size of your team) and sit together in a room where no one is disturbing you during your reflection. Read the quotations and statements one-by-one and come to a consensus regarding your answer. The discussion that you will have for deciding the answer is probably the most valuable part of the process, so let the debates happen and patiently wait for the conclusion and make sure you document the results. If more time is needed for the discussions, organise more sessions.

The assessment consists of two parts:

  • a general review of your organisational culture,
  • a stakeholder analytics that will help you to map your partners and create a personalised strategy for their involvement,
  • and the assessment of the 24 competences in relation to democratic youth participation in municipal decisions.

When you complete the assessment you will be offered a personalised feedback that you can download for further use. It will include some further recommendations, some guidance and some further steps.

The assessment tool is only available for registered users. You can register here.