ChangeTracker – Assessment tool

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT HERE: Change Tracker_Final with DOI

Change Tracker_Final This self-assessment tool aims at identifying successful engagement with decision making within youth political participation activities. It is designed to quickly assess how effective youth political participation activities are at influencing municipal decision making and what changes they create. The tool will help you assess:

  • How effectively has your project engaged with decisionmakers?
  • What impact has your project had on decision making? (i.e., what changes to policy have happened)
  • How has your project increased young people’s involvement in local democracy?


Using this tool will help you develop the Democracy Reloading Key Competency of “Creating a supportive environment within the municipality to involve young people in decision making”.

In particular:

  1. Understanding – I understand the political environment of the municipality in relation to youth policy.
  2. Skills – I mobilise and cooperate with other relevant stakeholders at all levels for improving youth participation in decision making.
  3. Organisation environment – The political representatives recognise and support youth participation in decision making.