Municipalities4Democracy – Call for particpants

Democracy Reloading training course for municipality youth officers

4-9 July 2022 | Braga, Portugal

The training course will support municipality staff in designing, developing and implementing youth participation in decision making and improving local democracy through the use of the Democracy Reloading online Toolkit. This training course is designed especially for municipality officers (and their partners) who want to improve their youth policies, structures and programs engaging young people in municipal decision-making with the aim to support the development of their competences (based on the online Toolkit) in youth participation in decision making and in using Erasmus + funding (both on national and international level).


  • to share experience of the participants regarding local youth participation in decision-making,
  • to understand the content and the functions of the online Toolkit, and the prepare the participants for further independent use,
  • to understand the potentials of Erasmus+ Youth key actions, Democracy Relaoding and Europe Goes Local tools in further developing youth participation in decision-making,
  • to identify ways and ideas to further develop the local scene of youth participation in decision-making,

Expected profile of participants:

  • Municipality staff (or their intermediators) who are planning (in the near future) or now implementing youth participation in municipal decision-making,
  • Who can participate in English language fluently in the training course (both spoken and written),
  • Priority will be given to those who have experience in implementing Eramus + and Solidarity Corps projects with the topic of democratic youth participation
Deadline of applications: 12th May 2022