Debattle (election project)

Young People


Ellen De Grauwe

Debattle is a concept for youth councils to create a real impact on the multicipal elecitons. The municipality is the level were youth councils can have the most impact. The concept contains 6 missions to work towards 2 Highlights. Each mission consists of information, tools, methods , tips & tricks to complete the mission. Before the elections we dare all the youth councils to organise a youth debate about all the needs, dreams, ideas,.. of the children and young people of the municipality (Highlight 1). After the elections they know who is elected and who will be the new alderman of youth. The second highlight is to have a meeting with the new council to talk about those needs, dreams, ... and recommandations the youth councils collected (in highlight 1) and to discuss what they are going to do with it and how they are going to involve the youth council in developing the new (youth) policy of their municipality. Debattle will give all the tools and information they need to succeed. Last edition 152 youth councils organised a youth debate. This edition we are aiming to have 170.