Municipal Youth Assembly of Almada



Vânia Cruz

The Municipal Youth Assembly (MYA) is a program promoted by the Municipal Assembly in collaboration with the Municipality and also with the Secondary Schools of Almada. It aims to encourage and foster the active participation of secondary students, with ages between 14 and 18 years old. Every year it has a different theme: climate changes, Sustainable development objectives. The last edition of the program (2022/23) was dedicated to Democratic Youth participation and the next will be about the Youth Goals. The main objective is to approach to the european values and to give young people the opportunity to think about them and try to realize and adequate some of youth goals in a local context. The young people have the opportunity to talk about these themes with the deputies of the Municipal assembly and also are invited to think about and prepare a proposal to be discussed and voted with the others schools in a municipal youth assembly session. This session is guided by the Municipal assembly's president, The Mayor and all the ellected political parties take part of the session. It is supposed to vote a recomendation for the Municipality to implement, and also ellect a sposperson to represent the MYA. The last most voted recomendation was to create a school assembly in every schools of Almada.