Say YES to social media


Vânia Cruz

Around 2020, during the COVID, the youth councilor asked for an online meeting with all the team in order to talk and feel the mood of all the colleagues. At the time i take this chance to pass the message that the municipality should have social medias for the area of the youth work, like many others municipailities, in Portugal. Would you like to know how i did it? Well, i challenged my colleagues to prepare something and also talked to my daughter (15 years old at the time) and asked for help to prepare something to subtly communicate this message. We prepared some posters with the logos of several social medias and stuck them on the wall behind me, so that it appears on the screen. Unfortunatly 3 years later, we stil haven't any social media to communicate with YP. I only share this story because i recognise that, despite not being the one needed resource to work with YP, social medias are the most used and effective way to communicate with the YP, regarding adequate language, different and informal approach, and so on! If you agree with me, are you available to help changing this scenario?