Youth budget Sint-Niklaas (Jongerenbegroting)


Young People

Laura Van de Vyver

Sint-Niklaas is a child- and youth-friendly city in East Flanders (Belgium). Since 2014, the city has had this label, which it translated itself into 'Jong. Wild. Gold. It is the label to cherish the young generation. "Because children & young people in our city are gold." Further evolving as a child- and youth-friendly city is one of the priority policy goals within the city. To this end, actions are set up in all areas that affect the living environment of children and young people. Because it is important to hear the voice of children and young people within various policy domains, the city has organised an annual Youth Budget since 2021. Every year, young people are drawn by lot across the city's various secondary schools to decide on a budget of 20,000 euros.