Training Course – Municipalities4Democracy – Local youth policy and youth voice

How to efficiently involve young people in local municipal DECISION-MAKING and local democracy.

If you want the young people in your municipality to be actively engaged and involved, you need to involve them in the decision-making and development of youth policies. Municipalities and regional public authorities should therefore commit to

  • address the needs and interests of youth,
  • involve youth in decisions influencing their lives,
  • work to increase their level of ownership of and responsibility for their own community,

With this commitment, you will develop the quality of your local democracy. We believe that when young people are informed, trained, empowered and entrusted, they will be better actors of change and promoters of democracy.


Objectives of this training course

  • to share experience of the participants regarding local youth participation in decision-making,
  • to understand the content and the functions of the online Toolkit, and the prepare the participants for further independent use,
  • to identify ways and ideas for your municipality to further develop the local youth participation,
  • to understand the potential for municipalities to use the Erasmus+ Youth programme and its funding opportunities to achieve this

Who is this training course for?

  • Primarily for municipal youth policy officers and local political representatives focusing on youth policy and citizens, secondary it is also open to youth workers who coordinate / support youth council or other types of youth participation structures, who want to implement or improve the youth participation in  local decision-making,
  • Participants must be able to follow the training course in French or English language,
  • Priority will be given to those who are interested in implementing Erasmus + and Solidarity Corps projects with the topic of democratic youth participation




Application deadline (24h UTC): 17th September 2023