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Webinar Advocate4YouthParticipation

Democracy Reloading Webinar – Thursday, 18th May 2023, between 15.30-17.30 CET

This webinar is designed for municipality officers who want to improve youth participation in municipal decision-making. The Webinar aims to support the development of relevant competences of municipality officers with the help of the online Toolkit.

This webinar is one of the four online activities that the Democracy Reloading Partnership is organising on the basis of its online Toolkit. Each webinar is focusing one of the 4 key competences for municipality staff. This first webinar will focus on ‘Creating a supportive environment within the municipal authority.’

During this webinar, we will look at what a youth policy officer can and should do to improve the attitude of the municipal authority towards youth participation in decision-making.

We will be answering the following questions together:

  • How to challenge those who hold negative opinions or stereotypes about young people in my municipality?
  • How to advocate for youth participation in decision-making to get the support of decision-makers?
  • How to mobilize and cooperate with stakeholders for improving youth participation in decision-making?


We advise you to watch the introductory video and register free to have access to the Toolkit here: 

Registered participants will receive the link and further information 2-3 days before the activity.


Application deadline (24h UTC): 15 May 2023