Municipal Youth Council



Vânia Cruz

Municipal Youth Council is a consultive body of the Municipality of Almada on matters related to youth policy, trying to get closer young people and municipal elected members and approach both to the decision-making process. With this structure it is possible to hear from young people their interests, opinions, needs and expectations and also the organizations they represent. Despite the law existes since 2009, the MYC was only implemented 10 years later. Before it there was a Youth Forum, instead. According to the law, the counselors are young people linked to youth associations, student associations, political parties, scouts. All of them must be legalized and registered in a national plataform: national register of youth associations. There's also the posibility to have observers, entities that can be, or not, directly related to youth matters. They need to be voted to take part of the MYC, as an observer. Through this MYC, It is supposed to have recomendations to the Municipality, among several matters related to the youth policy.