The Cado: A Teen Den where perform our rights

Young People


Luis Alejandro Soravilla Fernández

The CADO, the "theTeen Den". a Teen Local Forum, a CADO (Consejo de Adolescentes), is a youth participation body, which was set up in the summer of 2021. So far, the participation of children in the decision-making process on issues that affect them is already part of the municipal and citizen routine in Sabiñánigo. A Local Childhood Council has been running since 2003, the first of its kind in Aragon and one of the first one of pioneers in Spain. However, we felt that it was necessary that teenagers (13-17 years old) got their own channels and methods to participate in the taking decision process. We realised difficulties in introducing "raw" taking-decisions processes. Besides we have seen significant levels of socio-political disaffection among teenagers We realised difficulties in introducing "raw" taking- decisions processes, as there are significant levels of socio-political disaffection among teenagers Then, we proposed, in 2021, to the former members of the Childhood Council, and now, already teenagers to create, the Consejo de ADOlescentes, the CADO( the meaning of cado in Spanish language is an animal den, a refuge to feel warm and safe with your "animal peers") It was about offering them a comfortable an customized atmosphere to make possible and real and making-decisions that really care to them. A challenging endeavor, actually. We are, on our way, nonetheless Therefore, we believe that the success and sustainability of this kind of participation bodies should work around three axes: - Participating in municipal decisions that affect them through dialogue with the authorities and other local social actors. - Developing their own projects to draw attention to local and global issues. - Multiply their influence among their peers. The foreseen impact are: - Create their own methods of decision-making and advocacy face the local authorities - Learn to generate and develop their own projects - Learn to multiply their proposals and to gather the initiatives of their peers. The Teen Den links their action networking with the "Jóvenes Dinamizadores Rurales" project (www.dinamizomipueblo es) where around 200 teenagers from Aragonese rural areas are working together around common aims